That Summer Necessity


As a person with pale, combination/oily skin who lives in the skin cancer capital of the world, I have a troubled relationship with sunscreen. When my skin is crisped crimson I regret not bathing in the stuff. When my sweat mixes with my sunscreen to make an acne inducing soup I wish I was sunburnt, because then my skin would . at least be dry. Then I realised that not all sunscreen was the sticky, greasy   sludge that I had grown up with. That there were sunscreens out there that were designed to be waterproof without making your skin reflective from the sheen. I just had to find them. Things were a lot easier before I figured out that animal testing was still commonplace and not vanquished like it was in Legally Blonde 2.  In high school I used Nivea Light Feel 30+ for my body and Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face Lotion 50+ for my face and they worked for my crazy pubescent skin. Unfortunately both companies either test on animals or outsource testing to research facilities that do, so my search for the perfect sunscreen began again.
My criteria is (I thought) simple. I’m looking for something non greasy that won’t make me break out, works under makeup, isn’t tested on animals, and is affordable. It’s been years and I still haven’t found The One, and most of the information online is limited. Its hard to find cruelty free sunscreen, let alone cruelty free sunscreen formulated for specific skin types with informative reviews. Since I’m already on my quest, I’ll be  posting reviews of any cruelty free sunscreen products I try in the hopes that this will help any other poor souls out there on a desperate hunt for the perfect sunscreen.


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