Review: Sun Bum Sunscreen & Lip Balm

Price: Sunscreen 17.99 AUD; Lip Balm 4.99 AUD

Seeing Sun Bum at my local pharmacist was pretty exciting. Their cruelty free status was quite clear and the prices were relatively affordable. The packaging was also appealing because it was adorable and easy to use. The little monkey is cute and the squeeze bottle means that I can get every last drop of product out. The texture of said product isn’t too thick, which is exactly what I was going for. It applies nicely on my arms and legs, and for the review’s sake I tried it on my face. Don’t do this if you have oily skin. It will just mix with the oil on your face, refuse to hold makeup, and the day will end in acne and tears. When applied to the body, the sunscreen set after about 20 minutes and I didn’t notice I was wearing it, except for the occasional whiffs of coconut throughout the day. That’s right, Sun Bum is scented. I sure wish they’d put that on the cute packaging. I wore the sunscreen to walk/chase dogs around an outdoor pen for 5 hours, and by the end of the day I found I was ever so slightly pink in some places where I had applied. This was gone the next day, and I don’t know if it was mild sunburn or just flushed skin. Either way, from now on I’ll be reapplying this sunscreen every 3-4 hours to be sure that I am maximising my sun protection.

This sunscreen isn’t The One, and I don’t think I’ll repurchase once the bottle is empty. For me the coconut scent is incredibly off putting – I don’t like coconut, and now I have to coordinate any scent I wear with the sunscreen. I also don’t like having to reapply as that means waiting indoors for 20 minutes waiting for the sunscreen to sink in again. I did like the lightweight feel and would use this as sun protection travelling to and from an indoor job if it didn’t also involve walking around in a coconut cloud.

While the sunscreen was disappointing, it wasn’t nearly as much of a letdown as the lip balm. The lip balm is incredibly heat sensitive. I used it when the temperature was in the low end of 20 C and the balm was already incredibly soft to touch. When I applied it to my lips the balm melted very quickly and as such the pleasant pink grapefruit scent became a decidedly unpleasant grapefruit taste invading every crevice of my mouth. Even when I wiped the balm off the taste lingered for hours. I couldn’t keep it on for long enough to be able to comment on the moisturising or sun protective qualities of this product. I’m sure that putting it in the fridge would firm it up, but a day wear lip balm that needs refrigeration is of absolutely no use to me, or anyone else for that matter.


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