Review: Fox Hat Knitting Kit


Price: 24.63 AUD + 14.83 AUD shipping

I found this gem on Etsy, and my only regret is that I made this on the eve of Brisbane’s 30C summer heat and won’t be able to wear it comfortably for months.  I was drawn to the Fox Hat because it looked both ridiculously adorable and comfortable in the stock photo.

The kit consisted of 200g of orange acrylic, 20g of cream acrylic for the contrast in the ears, 9mm straight bamboo needles, and the pattern. The needles were optional, and the kit was cheaper without them. Everything was packed into a canvas tote that was useful for carrying the hat and materials around as I completed it and I plan to use it for future knitting. The pattern was very easy to follow, and the beginner’s tips were very helpful when it came to decreasing the row for the ears. There was no guide on the mattress stitch for sewing the hat, which I think would be frustrating for someone who doesn’t know how to sew knitted pieces. I knitted the hat after work over 3 days, but I imagine a more experienced knitter would be able to complete it in a few hours. The finished product feels nice: the wool isn’t very itchy and is quite thick and warm. The hat is very roomy, and I wear it pulled backs lightly and covering my ears so that the brim doesn’t cover my eyes. I like that my ears stay warm, but in hindsight I would have sewn the fox ears further on the front so that they would be more visible.

The finished product! I’m pretty pleased with myself

While my version doesn’t look as good as the ‘professional’ one (observe the flippy floppy ears), I had a lot of fun making this hat. I really look forward to wearing this little cutie around town during winter, and I recommend the kit to both new and experienced knitters looking for a fun weekend/couple of hours. The kit makes a lovely gift to a knitter, even if it’s a gift to self!


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