Knitting with a Vengeance


I did warn you that I don’t intend to only review books. I started knitting in earnest this year, and I’m going to start sharing some of the pieces that I make both on this blog and on my instagram.

I began with about 5 skeins of some crazy rainbow chunky wool that my mother had hidden in a cupboard, and it actually took all year for me to get through it. I used most of it on a rather ugly patchwork quilt that I made to practise different stitches and dreamed up the concept of my blog while the repetition of the stitches soothed my brain. Now with my newfound skill at knitting and purling under my belt, I’m on the prowl for fun projects to try. I’m mainly looking for pieces that are affordable, simple, and a bit quirky. I’m aiming to increase the difficulty as I learn, but I’ll be doing   so gradually. I’ll also post some stuff about different knitting supplies, especially those that are ethically sourced. One of the reasons that I want to make my own knits is because of the atrocious working conditions in textile factories, and the difficulties many companies face to source material that is ethically produced. I don’t see the point in making my own scarves and jumper out of material that contributes to this, so I’m going to do my best to find companies that supply yarn that is both environmentally and socially conscious.


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