Elusive Inspiration


Words words words words

Words words words

Words words


It turns out that writing a second blog post is worse than writing the first. There’s a certain expectation that once you’ve launched you’re supposed to know more and be better. Or maybe that’s just me and the ridiculous expectations that I set for myself. Either way, I’ve been hit with a mental block for the past week that only lifted when I was in the shower and was had an amazing, inspirational idea that was going to knock off your figurative socks. I forgot that one. I’ve since spiralled into the depths of a procrastination bender, the end result being that I’ve been to a hardware store with my father to buy a 30 kilo bag of premix cement, bushwalked around Springbrook seeking inspiration with my Muse and only finding vicious Marshflies, and finally sunk to the depths of faux productivity, procrasti-baking.

I sought communion with my Muse, but she was nowhere to be found.

I find procrasti-baking to be the best form of procrastination, and not just because you get to eat delicious treats. Even in a simple recipe, baking has repetitive movements (stirring, sifting, chopping) that fully engage your brain to distract you from whatever task is looming over you. Repetitive activities are also recommended to reduce stress, so you can tell every concerned relative that the fifth batch of biscuits in 5 days is actually good for you. Finally, as I mentioned before, there is a false sense of productivity. You made something. You were working. Either way, I made myself some damn delicious strawberry custard tarts (made the custard from scratch, people), my family was well fed for the day, and I alone am left with the lingering shame of posting a blog post about not having a blog post to post.


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